Advance Seat Reservation Management for WooCommerce

The excellent plugin allows managing the seat reservation system with WordPress WooCommerce. It working on WooCommerce product, cart, order and WordPress post.
It is suitable for most types of commerce, trade such as cinema, train, airplane, event, theater, film theater, bus ticket, beach chair…

There a special version for Bus Bus Ticket Booking with Seat Reservation for WooCommerce.

Advance Seat Reservation Management for WooCommerce - 1

Admin can create seating profiles, like room 1, room 2 … for cinemas, theater, film theater, conferences, events. Vehicle 1, vehicle 2… for trains, aircraft.
Each profile, admin can create the types of seat like VIP, Standard, Free… particularly the “hallway” to create hallway.
Admin can choose “is Booked Seat” for one type whether it’s booked seats.
And enter Column Label, Row Label, then the seat map will appear, admin can choose type for each seat.

Advance Seat Reservation Management for WooCommerce - 2

At the product edit page admin choose the seat profile for the product, here the admin can also set the price for each types of seat.
In addition, the admin can see these booked seat, can be restore them whether want the customers rebooking.

Advance Seat Reservation Management for WooCommerce - 3

At the frontend product page, customers can choose the seats that they want and add product to shopping cart, the price of the seating units is also calculated here.
When the customer total the order, the booked seats will be displayed when the admin view the order detail in Backend, the booked seats also display in the product edit page.

Advance Seat Reservation Management for WooCommerce - 4

You can also exercise Seat Reservation on a WordPress post for simple booking, just choose Seat Profile for post, on the post detail page, customer will can choose their seats, fill in form and submit form, the customer information and booked seats will be send to admin email and present in post edit page in backend.

Advance Seat Reservation Management for WooCommerce - 5

Very easy and flexible to install and configure, you will fill an excellent reservation management system.
Quick and simple, the plugin will really useful for your website.
whether you fill any questions attain not hesitate to contact me.

Advanced Event Booking Management for WooCommerce

Version of Prestashop: here

Advance Table Booking for WordPress and WooCommerce

Advance Seat Reservation Management for WooCommerce - 6

Advance Seat Reservation Management for WooCommerce - 7

Change log – Version 2.6
– Fix function: Prevent customers buy same seat at same time.

Change log – Version 2.5
– Fix double price.
– Fix price wrong on daily product.
– Remove required at least one schedule.
– Working with WordPress post.
– Compatible with WordPress 5.

Change log – Version 2.1
– Fix double price.

Change log – Version 2.0
– Fix error: can not create same type of seat for different profiles.
– More function: create hallway.
– More function: admin can book seats by manually.
– More function: responsive layout.
– Change seatting layout.
– Fix problem: price wrong in cart.
– Fix problem: customers can booking same seats at same time.
– Fix problem: schedules attain not present right on product page.
– Fix problem: price attain not present right on product page.

Change log – Version 1.5.1
– Fix booked seats attain not present in Booked Manage and can rebooking.

Change log – Version 1.5
– Add delete profile function.
– Add schedule manage function.
– Reservasion seat by schedule.
– Fix some errors.

Some jubilant customers fill used customized service

seat reservation

jubilant Reviews.

seat reservation

Version: 2.6 – final updated: 2019, Sep 21
Compatible with WordPress 3.x, WordPress 4.x, WordPress 5.x, WooCommerce 2x, WooCommerce 3x
Browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome



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