Artistic Deep Filters – Deep Photo Filters

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Artistic Deep Filters offer 37 unbelievable filters to choose from to give portraits and selfies a fresh modern sight and style.

This app uses Algorithmia’s DeepFilter API to generate unbelievable filters that give selfies and portrait photos a brand modern sight.

You will bag detailed documentation that guides you on how to generate the Algorithmia API Key and integrate it inside the app. Also, you can access the documentation online at this link.


  • Powered by Machine Learning APIs.
  • 37 Artistic Deep Filters.
  • Rate/Review pop-up.
  • Compare the edited image with the original image.
  • Download and share images directly from the app.
  • Download history.
  • Admob Ads integrated.
  • modern fabric Design.
  • dusky Mode.
  • Compatible with Android 10 (Android Q).
  • Written in Kotlin.
  • Ready to publish to Google Play

NOTE: This app uses the Algorithmia DeepFilter API to process the images. Kindly note that it’s a paid API but Algorithmia gives you 50,000 free credits when you signup for an account. Every image processed through this app uses around 60 credits which means that with the free credits the app would be able to process over 700 images. 


whether you buy the extended license, we will attain the changes for you listed below:

  • Changing the package name of the app.
  • Integration with Firebase (Push Notification, Analytics, and Crashlytics).
  • Change the color scheme and icon of the app.
  • Integrate additional ad units whether required.
  • Generate a privacy policy page (Required whether ads are shown in the app) and deploy it to the Firebase.
  • Publish the app to the Google Play store.



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