Bamburgh React Admin Template with fabric-UI

remarkable Starter Kits Included

With 4 separate applications interfaces included, this React admin dashboard template makes the perfect solution for quickly developing contemporary projects. You can exhaust the included Marketing components to create not only applications but also presentation websites with the same search for and feel of the app you’re building.

Each application has it’s own documentation which include code snippets for entire sections you found in the live previews.

Regardless of your project’s niche we’ve got you covered with Bamburgh React Admin Dashboard with fabric-UI PRO. Specific components for commerce, monitoring, analytics or statistics are already available.

React fabric-UI Fully Customized

The frontend spine of this template is powered by fabric-UI – which is the most accepted solution available for building React UI components. It includes a fully customized set of components and elements built on top of fabric-UI.

Everything you can possibly need to build your next project is included – marketing sections, data display sections, widgets, form controls and many many more. whether you need a component that we haven’t built yet, you can easily create it by using the included utilities and base elements.

contemporary, Responsive React Components

Bamburgh React Admin Dashboard with fabric-UI PRO includes over 500 custom sections, entire built for Facebook’s React UI framework and styled by UiFort with the accepted Bamburgh UI Design System search for and feel.

Premium Support

We stand by our products and the developers that exhaust them. whether you’re having issues or you’re just stuck working with any of our products, drop us a line and we’ll be tickled to step in and abet!

Individual Applications

With every purchase of Bamburgh React Admin Dashboard with fabric-UI PRO you will secure the following standalone application templates.



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