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BizBook – Directory & Listings Template

fetch the premium commerce, trade directory templates with the best quality and lowest price and template made for local commerce, trade, portal, classifieds and every bit of kinds of directory services. A powerful tool for the commerce, trade directory template with powerful features like listing submission, events, blog posts, lead capture, SEO friendly, source tracking, cold listing filters, user profiles, payment gateway, user dashboard, admin panel and more. Try it nowadays! Template powered with Bootstrap 4.0.

Listing Options:

We possess introduces two options for creating a original listings. Options are Create listing from stratch and Create duplicate listing. When you create a listing you can easy breeze step by step process done by listing submissions. 6 easy steps to add your original listing, steps are step:1 Basic information, Step:2 Services, Step:3 Offers, Step:4 Google map, Step:5 Other info(additional informations), Step:6 Done.

Events Options:

Want to promote any special even in a special and smarter way? whether yes, then BizBook Template fulfill your requirements. Event submissions are always the best and easier approach to promote your events on search engine. This event submission section is not only helping you to boost your event, also offers quality commerce, trade leads.

Blog Post Options:

BizBook blog post submission options allow you to submit your blog and article posts so you gain more exposure and build some backlinks to your sites. Blog submission option in SEO is really a better way to increase your blog’s exposure.

Fully Functional:

Are you running a commerce, trade directory service? Are you a local listings service provider? Need a fresh digital sight or need aid in building one? Your search ends here. We aid you automate your commerce, trade directory by providing the best template, replete with every bit of the essential features. Our template-pivoted theme is robust, dynamic, feature-rich, and configurable to your needs.

Suitable for:

Whether you are planning to start a online commerce, trade directory website or portal website means this template will perfect opection for you. This template suitable for every bit of kind of directory services like,

  • Online commerce, trade directory
  • Spa and massage center
  • Local service finders
  • Real esate and every bit of ind of properties
  • Care and bike services
  • And more

Your site will be a thing of beauty. Let’s be honest, the problem with most of those sites, while highly functional, is that many of them aren’t very pretty. It’s why the heavenly ones are so favorite, because they match distinguished photography with distinguished, brilliant functionality.

User Dashboard: Listing, Events and Blog posts options

Our website template is designed to compose user-friendly and inbuilt with awesome features and We provide in User dashboard options are Listings management, Events management, Blog posts management, Lead enquiry, Reviews, My profile, Liked listings, You follow users, Ads summery, Payment Check-out, Payment bill, Notification panel, How to’s, Setting and every bit of

Admin Panel Options:

Admin panel integrate with powerful features like user management, Ads management, sub-admin, review management, import & export, push notifications, bill generator, lead management, source tracking, every bit of content editable options, listing filter management, category manager, payment managemnent and more.

This admin panel possess one of the most unique feature are super admin can able to create multiple sub-admins and compose some user crediencials.

User Profile Page

Our user profile page is intuitive and provides a lot of details in a user-friendly manner. This means that the user views product listings, events, blogs, followers, like listings, leads and enquiry, reviews, ad summery, payment invoices and social media profiles. Further easy sharing on social media is also facilitated. This page is designed to aid you gain digital traction and boost your google rankings. It also helps you fetch direct followers who can fetch direct quotes for listings of their choices.

SEO Friendly

User-Friendly URL’s

Google will appreciate to index your site because we possess integrate SEO friendly URL names in this template. Users and search engines should be able to understand what is on each page just by looking at the URL.

hastily Loading Time:

We increase page loading time and it’s helpful for Improve User Experience, Achieve marketing goals and SEO Positioning

Mobile Friendly Design:

This template designed with perfect viewing angles for every bit of kind of devices like mobile, tab, desktop and laptops. And it’s helpful for improve

  • Amplify Your Visibility
  • withhold Their Attention
  • Better Browsing Experience for Your Visitors
  • compose it Easy for Customers to Contact You

Social media share

Search engines value social media, as enact your prospective customers. We possess incorporating the social media elements into the listing and user profile pages it will aid to rank better with search engines. You an easily share your listin into Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and every bit of. This will not only rank your site more highly among search engines, but it will also note your potential customers that your company is personable.

Setup & Installation

Just few steps to install this BizBook Directory into your live server or local server and then be ready to spend(no need coding knowledge). You just Click here to view installation demo video now.

Tutorial Videos:

Youtube tutorial videos also available for each and every small steps. whether you need any helps or video examples means we can aid you with this.

Top and Unique Features

Create Duplicate listing

Our commerce, trade directory websites facilitate simple creation of multiple lists with minimal clicks using our duplicate listing option. This option is nearly intuitive to spend and is aimed at reducing the time taken to as low as possible.

Leads Tracking:

Our commerce, trade directory website templates approach equipped with a comprehensive lead tracking feature. This means that the source of a lead- consider social media promotions can be traced. total tracking of a lead ensure that the sales lead is immediately chanelized into your sales funnel for the respective businesses to quickly follow-up with the prospective customer.

Super and Sub Admin:

Our commerce, trade directory template is tailor-made to be suitable for such needs. Our admin panel permissions are highly customizable. This admin panel possess one of the most unique feature are super admin can able to create multiple sub-admins and compose some user crediencials.

Dashboard Push Notifications:

our website template is furnished with push notification features which equip the admin to send notification messages to users.

Plugin Free:

Template has been desinged to be plug-in free. It runs on multiple combinations of PHP and MySQL, and has every bit of functionalities built in it. Our template is feature-rich and exhaustive.

Payment Gateway:

We aid you avoid every bit of these pitfalls by integrating our websites with three types of payment options: PayPal, Cash on Delivery, and Direct Payment. Also the collation of user billing details and the entire process is made quick and inconvenience-free. tickled customers = tickled you!

Lead Capture:

The form is user-centric and elicits information without fatiguing your potential client. It also automatically saves the lead to your dashboard and also creates a URL with a tracking id – so that no lead generated is lost! This lead capture form is a distinguished enabler to your sales and marketing team. It ensures efficiency and transparency.

Listing Reviews

The Listing Review feature available on our website template is aimed at helping the user not just view the various listing available, but also the review from preceding users of the services.

Ads Summary:

The Ads Summary feature is aimed at empowering users to post their ads, and then withhold track of the progress. After every bit of, the intent behind posting an advertisement on a B2B directory is to solicit customers.

Listing Filters:

consider feature specific filters such as trusted, premium, trending, latest, and verified. Also consider sub-category filter and rating filter. At the pause of the day, a filter has to aid in quickening search and arriving at the appropriate result. We aid your user fetch there in a jiffy!

Email Notifications:

We integrate email notofications for user registration, user approved, listing approved, events and blog posts

Technology Features

  • Design : Bootstrap4, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, JavaScript, Jquery UI
  • Development : PHP 7.2
  • Database : MySQL Server

Version 2.0 (9 January 2020)
> Template converted to PHP version
> Template integrated with Fully functional
> Technology used PHP7.2, MySql Server, Bootstrap4, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript and Jquery UI
Version 2.2 (11 January 2020)
> Quick search enabled on Blog detail page(RHS: Search every bit of posts).
> Mobile menu updated: every bit of listing page(filter mobile menu).


AllFreePhotos – http://allfreephotos.net/ The images and videos used on the demo site are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the download file.


Google Fonts – http://www.google.com/webfonts Font Awesome – http://fontawesome.io/

Flat Icon Images




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