Book Online Movies Tickets

Book Online Movies Tickets

Book Tickets Online Movies is a PHP and MySQL application that is used to handle whole transactions on the service provider cinema films, such as:

  1. Check the film that aired on this day.
  2. See the synopsis of the film to watch.
  3. area an order tickets online anywhere and anytime.

While the benefits of a software application or Book Online Movies Tickets are as follows:

  1. 3 levels of users, administrators, operators, and users
  2. Direct ticket sales and can also book tickets
  3. Visitors can book tickets online
  4. Visitors can view the list of movies that will air nowadays
  5. film schedule timetable based on the film title, showtimes, and room
  6. User Friendly
  7. whether the seat has been purchased it will not appear and can not be booked
  8. Transaction reports are based on date ranges and in graphical form
  9. Support PHP 7 and MySQLi
  10. Responsive template
  11. This software is equipped with a number of seating systems, for example whether the seat number 1 already in the message it can not be booked again for space, showtimes and date.
  12. There are two prices for weekdays and weekends.
  13. Print admission.

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