Bricks Breaker – Unity Game Template

Bricks Breaker is a full Unity template endless game ready for release
It is optimized for mobile(Android/Ios) as well as standalone, webPlayer and webGL.

How to play?

Swipe your finger or Drag the mouse to throw the balls and atomize the bricks. Try to atomize as many bricks as possible before they journey down to the bottom

This pack includes :

  • Full game ready to exercise
  • Touch input for mobile and mouse input for web and desktop
  • Endless level
  • Set up AdMob ID
  • Documents update online
  • Spawn pool system (quick and easy thing pooling script. This poolManager is made to be as simple to exercise and setup as making a original game thing).

Features :

  • Colorful glow skins
  • Easy game controls with one finger
  • Optimize and Mobile friendly
  • Thousands of stages! Endless game mode.
  • Admobs

APK demo.




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