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CarSpot is a react native app that gives you total freedom to create an automotive dealership app and website. No Paid Plugins Needed, Everything Inside. CarSpot is a fully-featured and powerful automotive dealership website and apps specially designed for the automotive and car/bike/boats etc. dealership commerce, trade owners to grow their commerce, trade online. Whether your commerce, trade is a small car dealing shop or a large fully functional car dealer commerce, trade, this most advanced automotive website, and apps solution assist you to create a fully feature-packed online commerce, trade. We acquire developed the most advanced and comprehensive auto dealer solution with any ad posting features including comparison, search filter, contemporary gallery, Review System, default layout, Bump up Ads & much more that you would admire to see in a car dealership and classified website and apps. To maximize your commerce, trade sales, CarSpot comes up with exceptional ad features you are ever expecting from the best car dealership apps. It includes an effective vehicle search functionality & car comparison feature that makes it perfect for buyers to recognize after various Cars or Vehicle Models available.

What you will accumulate?

  • App plugin for REST API.
  • CarSpot React-native code for building your own apps.


  • Performance speed up 3x.
  • Powerful search.
  • Ads Status.
  • Dealer Reviews.
  • Bookmark Ads
  • User Public Profiles.
  • Category Search.
  • Clean and well structured code.
  • React Native Framework.
  • Unlimited Colors Option.
  • Paid & Free Listings.
  • Cross-Platform.
    • This Android/IOS app will work with CarSpot – Dealership WordPress Classified Theme available on ThemeForest
      CarSpot – Dealership WordPress Classified Theme

      This App requires Android version 5.0+ & IOS 9.0+

      You must acquire the basic knowledge to set up apps as setting up apps must need basic knowledge for React native app and environment.

      Category based pricing and push notifications for the messaging chat, are not available yet.

      NOTE: Setting up application doesn’t include in product price. You can carry out the setup by yourself or can hire our technical person to carry out that for you but that will be a paid task.

      Note: We are not providing support for any kind of adult/dating website. whether you want to buy than you can proceed but carry out not expect support for illegal, Adult or dating Websites.

      Attention: Google maps Service has updated his policy. Please read details over here

      Change Logs

      Updates: v 1.5 — January 24th, 2020

1) Added messages count with Inbox List in Side Menu
2) Fixed numeric keyboard issue for Sell & Sell edit forms ( iOS ) 
3) Fixed document picker issue ( iOS ) 
4) Removed unwanted strings in related vehicles list & featured list
5) UI fixes for Sign-in & Sign up screens
6) Fixed Blog section View any click
7) Fixed screen halting on loader issue for Page one and Page four of Sell car form ( iOS )
8 ) Fixed screen halting on loader issue for Advanced search
9) Fix custom fields issue on search and ad post (API plugin)
10) Fix hiding fields from theme options (API Plugin )
11) Translation file updated

Updates: v 1.4 — November 26th, 2019

1) Profile Individual and dealer updated
2) Images rearrangement added
3) Search by body type issue fixed
4) Crash on location and lat-long fixed
5) Image upload issue fixed
6) Packages page updated and bank page updated with text 
7) Rating and comment issue fixed
8 ) User can not rate himself 
9) Design issues fixed 
10) Translation files updated 

Updates: v 1.3 October 31st, 2019

1) Added admob
2) Added google analytics
3) Changed design of dealer and individual option select
4) Fixed reported crashes   
5) app api plugin updated 

Updates: v 1.2 October 14th, 2019

1) Fixed Redirect Issue when creating a original account
2) Fixed crash when clicking the radio button in comparison detail page
3) Fixed crash when reloading inbox listings
4) Added rate us sections
5) Added RTL support
6) Fixed chat screen avatar square background issue
7) Added toast when sending a message on ad detail page when a user is not logged in
8) Send message now auto dismisses after a message is sent in the ad detail page.
9) Category load issue resolved on search     

Updates: v 1.1 October 14th, 2019

1) IOS APP Issues fixed      



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