Corler MHBS – Multi Hotel Booking Script

Coler MHBS is a script that allows booking rooms in some hotels. It is easy-to-spend and easy-to-setup and it will assist you to easily create a booking system into your website.


There are three sections: one committed to the
booking (in the root), one committed to the administration panel for each user (the
hotel manager) and one committed to general control panel (for administrator).

  • The registration section allows customers to choose the hotel and book a date on it.
  • The administration panel for each user (the hotel manager) allows whole operators of
    the hotel to change the dates busy, manage rates and check reservations.
  • The general control panel (for administrator) allows you to check the registered
    users and the total bookings.

With this script you can also record credit card during the booking process. Depending on the period and the number of people, the system automatically calculates the price according to what each hotel manager set. You can also lock the dates busy.
This script is if in English, German and Italian (each user chooses its own language). whole this is if in a minimal and intuitive graphical interface.


Corler MHBS needs a simple Web Server with PHP 5 & MySQL database and a Web Browser. Once bought, you can see and edit whole the full code of Corler MHBS. The installation is simple thanks to the guide with images supplied (in the folder “install/”) and the opportunity to contact us by email for assistance.



HOTEL MANAGER: (username: hotelcorler; pass: hotelcorler).

ADMIN: (username: admin; pass: password).

Please note that in the demo we had to disable a lot of functions. Sorry for that.



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