Data security and cloud computing in 21st century

Cloud computing employs multiple measures to protect data and the entire infrastructure that may be involved in the system. There are several concerns regarding data security which may be similar to the traditional IT based environment. For instance, issues related to unauthorized data leaks or exposures, weakness to prohibit unwanted accessibility, vulnerability in terms of attacks and disruption in data availability are only a few key examples. Due to these problems computing environment requires adequate measures for protection to prevent such concerns. This requires assurance for safety of systems & data, and manages surveillance of the current state. This way any unusual activity will be noticed immediately and it will be easy to respond accordingly.

Is it different to maintain security in cloud computing?

Yes it is different because it is virtual through Internet; dynamic security threats from one server to the other may be encountered. Due to this, there are no traditional parameters like an IT based environment, such as controls; especially the accessibility matters. Cloud computing provides a more connected environment, so the traffic is more smooth as it can bypass the traditional perimeters. There are so many other threats which increase system vulnerability, such as weak identities or credentials, account hacking, malicious attacks and other efforts of data theft. These threats require a shift of approach, which may be proposed as data-centric methods and data encryption. Strengthening authorization through different strategies, such as 2-factor authentication method and choosing strong passwords.

Software is leading now

With the changing environment, software has become an integral part of the entire system; now we cannot survive without software. The delivery of hosted resources to its users, takes place through software. Cloud computing is all about software, which has turned the data into a portable entity. These encrypted systems protect data in cloud environment and prevent data loss through various strategies; hence the data can be recovered, even after any unforeseen event.

How to ensure data security   

Cloud computing is not a setup only; but it’s a culture, which should be adopted by the entire team. Every person is liable to ensure security of his own space in the specific cloud. If the cloud is maintained by third party, then everyone should be careful. If the team does not ensure sufficient due diligence, security failures may cause serious damages. For this purpose it is important to develop a clear protocol for the cloud computing setup. Everyone should be provided with detailed understanding on how they should be performing the responsibility towards data security.

Who should take steps?

Although people are not fully aware about cloud computing and security concerns, however maintaining data security is not impossible. Only some small measures and careful implementation of the protocols can help in sustaining a protected cloud environment. Cloud computing has brought significant ease to life, so, enhancing awareness on technology is a better option. Everyone should be provided with a clear orientation on the importance of data protection and possible threats for data.

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