Efficiency of Latest Antivirus Programs

Anti viruses are the preliminary requirement of every computer user as they prevent malfunctioning and other contagions that are caused due to a specific type of virus on the computer. There is a whole bunch of antivirus software present online that claim to work 100% every time, but not every antivirus works at its best. This article will look into some of the commonly used anti viruses, and their efficiency, also; why malfunction still arises even in the presence of antivirus.

1. Bitdefender antivirus plus
It is the most commonly used antivirus around the world with functions like web filtering, the anti-phishing module, which makes browsing more secure; it also manages passwords and is very cheap. No doubt, it is very efficient as it provides many features to the user, but there is also one drawback, that it grabs more than one source causing conflicts in different programs. This can also be considered as the cause of malfunctioning in the computer due to the antivirus.

2. Norton antivirus plus
Norton antivirus is one of the most efficient ones; it has plenty of options and can detect even the newest malware. It is super fast and allows the user to scan any time or schedule it for later. With its unique quality of intelligent behavior monitoring, it can detect any virus that has made its way through URLs or any other malicious site. One of the significant problems with this antivirus is that sometimes it opens up extra extensions, which can be unreliable and can led to the entry of some harmful viruses into the user’s computer.

3. ESET NOD32 Antivirus
This antivirus works best when external devices are attached to computers. It scans for viruses by using power shells and malicious scripts and by filtering web search. This antivirus is not designed for beginners as it does not provide the primary protection from the virus and does not work as windows defender. So, in short, anyone who needs an antivirus to protect his data should not use it. Another issue related to this antivirus is that, it is highly expensive.

4. Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security
This antivirus provides durable protection against malware, and it has similar functions as that of bit defender antivirus. The only problem that it causes is that, it puts a heavy load on the computer and slows down the work; otherwise, it is super easy to use.

5. Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus
This is the lightest of all present anti viruses, and because it is light, it works with the speed of light. It has firewall protection along with a real-time anti-phishing and smart behavior monitoring system. It is effortless to use and is the most efficient; the only problem lies that it has not been tested from the top labs, which have some effects on the percentage of its usage.
These are some of the most commonly used anti viruses, and it is suggested that whenever an antivirus is used, its features should be taken into consideration to avoid malfunctioning in the future.

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