Emphasize Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template and UI

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Emphasize Bootstrap Dashboard Template

Emphasize is a fully responsive Bootstrap Admin and Dashboard Template and UI Kit that let’s you kick start your UI development in minutes. It uses the proven Bootstrap 3 as base and builds on it with powerful em based design to create very flexible components.

It’s meaningful design and Bold colors is certain to catch your user’s attention wherever you need it.


  • SASS (.scss) Full Code
    Emphasize uses SASS to effect your life editing the styles easier. Simply jump into the well documented sass Code and start customizing.

  • Modular em Based Components
    Reusable Components like Buttons, Labels and Panles employ em based design; which makes customizing them very easy! Simply modify font size of a component and watch it scale up gracefully!

  • Collapsible Menu

  • Collapsible Sidebar

  • Fully Responsive
    Emphasize uses Mobile First design, that means it’ll work just as well on your Phones and Tablets too.


  • Buttons
  • Panels
  • Alerts
  • Datatables
  • Grid
  • Utility Classes for Margins, Padding, Colors
  • Progress Bars
  • Labels
  • Badges
  • Tabs
  • Tooltips
  • Popups


  • fabric Design Forms
  • Fancy Checkboxes and Radios
  • Switch Buttons
  • File Drag and Drop


  • Chartjs
  • Chartist
  • C3
  • Morris
  • Peity
  • Sparkline
  • Easy Pie Chart


  • Font Awesome
  • Open Iconic
  • fabric Design Icons


  • Loaders
  • Animations
  • Profile Page
  • Email Page
  • bill
  • Sample Widgets
  • Calendar

Files Included

  • HTML pages to kickstart your development
  • SASS Source code
  • Compiled CSS and Minified CSS Files (.css and .min.css)
  • Javascript (.js) source code and minified files (.min.js)
  • Full development environment Setup files: Gruntfile.js, package.json, bower.json

Items Not Included

The following items used in the preview are for demo purpose only and are not included in the download

  • Background and Profile Photo Images not included

Third Party Items Used:



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