Funktion Admin Template

Funktion is an approachable, yet highly-professional admin template with several layout, button and sub navigation options.

Six different color schemes, ranging from incandescent to more neutral combinations, are available. Eight sample pages demonstrate different ways of using buttons, organizing tabular data, displaying notification messages and adding sub navigation.

Theme Features:

  • 6 color schemes: olive, rust, slate, gun metal, turquoise and a default color scheme
  • 8 sample pages:
    • Login
    • Dashboard with notification messages and tabular data
    • 3 pages with different ways of displaying tabular data
    • People view that displays users or any roster of people
    • View with sub navigation within the main column
    • Single page / basic content layout
  • A main column and sidebar column on each page
  • Sidebar can include sub navigation, photos, text or buttons
  • Menu with top links and a navigation bar
  • Sample pages with common form elements and button styles
  • 6 button styles with their HTML if on the preview site
  • Detailed documentation with screenshots

Release History

Version 1.0 – 2010/09/27 – inception!



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