Karma – Responsive bootstrapped webapp





Karma is an webapp Uuser Interface(UI), that is build for different screen sizes(desktop, tablet and phone).
Karma is build with a minimal and whitelabel feeling, with the conception that not every panel is the same,
so karma can be setup in a minimal layout or slither fully featured. The bigest feature of this theme are the
modulized sidebars, as they can contain a lot of powerfull things.The design is image free so you don’t need to know how photoshop works.

Some of the reviews



Version 1.3
-- UPDATE: the premium plugin 'Power Tour' to v2+
Version 1.2
-- FIXED: small issues with the sidebars when the layout is resized
Version 1.1
-- ADDED: a premium tour plugin($10) called 'powertour'
Version 1.0
-- initial release

* this is a css build theme so there is no layout PSD file present as this is not needed



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