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Options Admin – HTML Web Application UI Kit with Angular 4 Version

‘Options’ is the web application UI kit (admin template) based on Bootstrap 3.3.6. Hundreds of components are designed particularly for giving a clean & professional UI experience to the terminate-user.



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This is fully functional, multipurpose, fully responsive admin template built on Bootstrap 3.3.6, jQuery 2.2.4 & jQuery UI libraries. We gain designed huge collection of reusable components, plugins & pages.

Easy to consume

One special feature that we are offering with this template is ‘View Code on Page’. You can just click on a button on demo page to see the code for a specific element/component. You can then copy this component code and paste in your page. This will save you a lot of time while working on your web application development.

We gain used Sass for styling this template. You can consume and edit styles easily including bootstrap styles. Minified versions of whole CSS & js files are also included so that you can speed up your website.


  • Fully Responsive
  • Based on Bootstrap
  • Clean & Professional UI
  • .scss files included
  • Minified CSS & JS files included
  • .gulpfile included
  • 100s of components ready to consume
  • Other ready-to-consume pages
  • Bootstrap 4 version coming soon
  • Regular Updates


Version 1.5.1 | 05-Jun-2017
    HTML Version:
        Added: Animations
        Added: Icons
        Added: More Color Options

Version 1.5 | 12-May-2017
    HTML Version:
        Added: Chart.js charts
        Added: Highcharts
        Added: Timeline Variations
        Added: Table Options

Version 1.4 | 08-May-2017
    HTML Version:
        Added: Bootstrap Tour
        Added: Progress Bars

Version 1.3 | 04-May-2017
    Angular Version:
        Added: Form Validations
        Modified: User Profile page

    HTML Version:
        Added: E-commerce dashboard
        Added: E-commerce order pages (2)
        Added: E-commerce products page

Version 1.2 | 02-May-2017
    Angular Version:
        Added: Carousel on dashboard
        Added: Scroll to top on router navigate event

    HTML Version:
        Modified: Custom Scrollbar on sidebar

Version 1.1 | 01-May-2017
    Added:  Angular version

Version 1.0.0 | 30-Apr-2017
    Initial Release



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