Poster Maker And Professional Flyer Designer

Poster Maker or Flyer Maker or Poster Designer is a professional App with the befriend of which you can create entire types of Poster or flyer for your commerce, trade, company, education, advertisment and promation. Save your Poster for sharing on Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp, twitter and other social sites. Hundreds of exquisite different stickers to decorate your Poster. Write text in a different variety of Fonts and colors. Also user add own backgrounds and resize, rotate, flip and crop backgrounds.


♡ – Click on CREATE Poster
♡ – Activity contains Add Text, Add Sticker, Background and Save.
♡ – By clicking on Sticker demonstrate Activity which contain different verities of sticker like food, communication, kids, cartoon and so on.
♡ – By clicking on Add Text demonstrate Activity in which user can write text , change color of text and fonts.


Features of Advance Logo Maker:
♡ – Variety of HD Background images
♡ – Huge Collections of Stickers of Different categories
♡ – Add image from your gallery or camera as background.
♡ – Write Text in your favorite fonts
♡ – Adjust font, size and color.
♡ – User friendly interface.

♡ – Android Studio
♡ – Admob integration banner and interstitial ids
♡ – Source code contain Documentation.


1) This app is built on Android studio IDE 3.3.2
2) Easy to reskin, entire attribute is define in XML file so you can reskin by edit the value of XML file without source code

3) Admob (Banner + Interstitial) only replace Admob Banner and Interstitial ids
4) Your can easily add different Logos by add them to Drawable and add name to category list array.

5) Replace your Icone, change title, change package name, generate signed APK – There you depart – Upload that unusual APK to your Google play console.

Apk Demo :



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