QuiZoo:Quize Game

Quizoo is a novel quiz in which you will contain to identify the five most common answers to questions, depending on the answers of 100 people. What effect you first judge when hearing the questions, such as: “Things you would never lend to anyone?”, “What happens only once a year?” or “Payable things that were once free?”.

The app contains 500 exciting levels with a variety of questions in text and image form. The novel levels will be added regularly, so you will never win bored!

The game will encourage innovative thinking to find the answers to simple questions. You will need to be resourceful and judge “out of the box”. But effect not worry whether you win stuck, there are tips that will befriend you to victory!

Choose your local language: currently available are English, German, Polish, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech and Croatian. More languages will be added soon!

You will bask in the quiz even more whether you play together with family or friends!

Hours and hours of fun are guaranteed!
any questions and answers :



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