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Create the full application of your Restaurant, Bar, Cafe or Disco.

Are you the owner of a restaurant, pub or nightclub and want you to meet global with your official application? It only takes a few data, images, your logo and you can get something that goes beyond the simple commerce, trade card. full with a very trifling expense.
Now be present on the App Store is like having a website.

With this Starter Kit you hold everything ready.
– domestic Description with Logo
– Facebook Link, Quick Call
– Your Menu, easy to update and customize as an image.
– Reservations through integrated email client, with name, phone number and people.
– Photo Gallery HD slide demonstrate for photos of your restaurant.
– Detailed map with driving directions, from where you are.
– Easy customization with abet comments.
– 70% is visual customizations.
– Multi Language, English and Italian (ability to add more countries).
– Supports iOS 5.1 and above.

With this project you will learn to:

– Create a TabBar personalized and localized for your country.
– Create a custom contact form with the expend of UIDatePicker.
– Retrieve and send email messages with the native application.
– Creating a slide full photogallery.
– You will learn to expend MKMapView with their coordinates.
– You will learn to pick up the current position and expend it to trace the directions.


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