The Empire Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

approximately Empire?

Empire is your one-stop for contemporary, simplistic, performance-centric admin template build using Bootstrap 4 design framework that far ahead from 1000’s of other admin dashboard templates.

Made for Performance

Performance is our key point before developing Empire Admin Template and we’ve made it with lots of testing and efforts on code improvement.

Empire is made for performance and we’ve achieve it in terms of design testing or code testing. Design passed with capable score in Google Page Speed, Pingdom, gtMetrix and code passed via w3 validators.

notes – live demos fill tons of features active, due to server location score may differ in Google Page Speed, Pingdom, gtMetrix.

Template Supports?

We’ve implemented latest technologies in Empire Admin template.

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Scss, jquery

Top Features

Below are top features of Empire which makes Empire differ than other templates.

  • More than 5+ layouts with Introducing total current everything Layouts
  • Developer-centric code structure for things done easily
  • The responsive and mobile-first design
  • Professional looking design and color combination
  • High-Performance grade and fully flexible to spend
  • Detailed Documentation which helps you 24×7

Page Layouts Types

We’re introducing 14 current layouts which never seen on any other admin templates ever. We’ve developed it to fulfill the needs of contemporary backend applications.

  • Vertical/Horizontal Layout
  • Collapse
  • Horizontal Layouts
  • Header Fixed
  • Menu Fixed


150+ ready to spend widget collection like statistics, analytics, user cards, charts, tables, chats, data widgets, slider widgets.

Professional Design

For any backend, the design seems to inspect better and we’ve made a bunch of work to compose Empire a capable looking professional template.
Colors are eye-catchy and very professional for high-halt backend applications too.

Layouts we offer with Empire

  • Default (i.e. sunless Light)
  • Light sunless
  • Fill color
  • fabric style


We’ve chosen frigid eye catchy colors for entire Empire. 30+ sunless/light color combination available to choose.

spend Bootstrap centric colors to avail the high eye catchy backend design for your project/application.

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Info color
  • sunless Gray


Dashboard needs chart to highlight statistics data in your project. We’ve implemented more than 40+ charts with tons of variety options.

Chart types

  • amChart 4
  • Flot
  • Chartist
  • Chart
  • Morris


  • Google maps


Empire Admin Template comes with Bootstrap basic components as well as we’ve implemented numbers of 3’rd party components.

Advance components

  • Carousel
  • Cropper.js
  • Drag&Drop
  • Fullcalendar
  • Kanban board
  • Ladda
  • Lightbox
  • Media player
  • Notifications
  • Todo list

Form Components

  • Layouts and elements
  • Controls
  • Custom controls
  • Input groups
  • Switchers
  • Sliders
  • Selects and tags
  • Pickers
  • Editors
  • File upload
  • jQuery Validation
  • SmartWizard
  • Typeahead
  • Bootstrap Dual Listbox
  • Extras


  • Bootstrap
  • DataTables
  • Bootstrap table
  • Bootstrap Sortable


  • Feather
  • Font Awesome5
  • Ionicons
  • Linearicons
  • Open Iconic
  • Stroke Icons 7

App & Extensions

Empire comes with variety of 3’rd party app & extensions which directly usable in your project. We’re continously working on next app & extensions for future release version update.


  • Authentication
  • Education
  • E-commerce
  • Email
  • Projects
  • Tickets
  • Users Pages
  • Chat
  • FAQ
  • Gallery
  • attend center
  • bill
  • Search results
  • Vacancies

Purchased Package Includes

  • Theme Package without Live Customizer
  • Live demo preview image is not included in package
  • Documentation

Resources & Credits


  • For amChart commercial spend without watermark of amChart. Visit – amCharts
  • This is Bootstrap HTML version and conclude not compare demos with Empire Angular, React, Vue JS, etc…subsequent version.



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