Top 5 laptop models in 2019

The introduction of the newest technology every day has led to the increase in demand for the most updated things; the same is the case with laptops; people prefer to buy and use such brands that are highly advanced and provide the best to the users. This article will provide a comparison of the top five laptop models that have remained on the list of people during the year 2019.

1) Dell XPS 13

It has been considered the favorite laptop model in the year 2019, and no doubt it has such features that are exceptional. It is portable, fast, attractive, and, most of all, it is cheap as compared to other laptops. Its system is energy sufficient, and its performance is highly efficient. With ample storage and many other features, there are two problems with this version. One is that it is not recommended for gamers and, second problem is with its webcam which was placed in the top center of the laptop, rather than at the bottom which many people were demanding but in its latest version this issue has been resolved.

2) MacBook Air

It is best for students and apple users, it comes with a touch ID and a port for USB. Its sleek design, higher resolution camera, and longer battery life have always remained on the list of many people. The only problem with it is that it is highly expensive, but spending money on such a MacBook will be worthy, especially for Apple users.

3) Huawei Mate Book 13

It is another one of the best laptop models of the year 2019 and comes with a low price as compared to MacBook Air and Dell XPS 13, which makes it even more popular. It has the latest components with a discrete Nvidia MX150 graphic card and is very light in weight. The problem with this super-fast laptop is that it has only 8 GB RAM, and it has no thunderbolt 3 port, so it is not a good option for anyone who wants these features in a laptop.

4) HP Specter x360

It is one of the most attractive laptops present in the market. It has an Intel whiskey lake processor accompanied with a longer battery life, and another unique feature of this laptop is that it can be converted into a tablet, which is outclass. There are so many things in just one laptop; but it comes in a huge price, which is the only set back in this model.

5) Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

It is one of the best laptops introduced by Microsoft. This laptop offers the original windows 10 experience that Microsoft has promised. It has updated hardware, which has increased its performance, and this version is more efficient than the previous one. The main problem with this design is that it offers few ports according to its design, and also it does not have thunderbolt 3 options, which can be considered a negative point for this laptop, but it is inexpensive, so it is a good option for Microsoft lovers.

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