Top 5 most used Apps of 2019

With the invention of portable devices like cell phones, there is a rush of apps, either for business purposes or for social purposes. It has become easier to manage advertisement, provide delivery services, interact online, and much more with the help of these applications. This article will look into some of the most used apps in the year 2019.

1) Uber

It is one of the most used apps because it has provided a lot of facilities to people. This cab service is used by over 8 million people; with the help of GPS, anyone can book this cab and go anywhere he wants, it is that simple. Also, this app has made the mode of payments very easy just put in your account or credit card information in the app; it will pay automatically. There were some safety issues recently, but those were resolved by the company, so it is still the most feasible application to use.

2) Instagram

It is one of the most used social media app for the year 2019 with 500 million active users. It provides a secure interaction with people and offers many tools for advertising and businesses. It is more powerful than Facebook and Twitter as it has a more precise privacy measure. It provides more engagements as compared to the other social media apps.

3) Netflix

It is the best video on demand app and has 3.2 million subscribers and the number is still growing. This app is on the list of most used apps as it provides a much better experience of watching movies, series and much more than any other mobile app. It is free for a month to a new subscriber, and after that, it offers different packages which are affordable.

4) Amazon

It is the best shopping app for the year 2019. It provides a list of products to its customers at very reasonable prices. It is one of the most prominent e-commerce platforms and offers a wide variety of products. It can be downloaded for free after which the customer can order the product of his choice and the payment is online through credit or debit cards. It can filter the search so that it becomes easier to find the desired product.

5) Dropbox

It is a well-designed storage app and offers a great space to store a more substantial amount of data and also large files which cannot be stored in laptops or cellphones. It also has the option of sharing files with other people, and those files which are heavy and cannot be emailed are very easily shared through this app. This app has received many awards due to it’s easy to use options. It is similar to Google Drive and iCloud drive, but it offers a little extra than these two apps.

These apps and many more like them, have made human life more manageable. Now it is not difficult to promote your business, to watch movies, or to connect with people and all the credit goes to these apps who had made these things possible.

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