Top five tablets of 2019

The world is proceeding more towards technology, and this has facilitated billions of lives; now everything can be done in just one click. People have found comfort in these technologies, and now they can carry those technologies in their pockets with the invention of tablets. These small devices are of great use as they are portable and can store the same amount of data as that of a laptop or computer. This article will examine the top 5 tablets that were famous among people in the year 2019.

1) IPad Air

It is one of cheaper iPad of 2019 with a laminated screen and smart keyboard. This iPad is mostly for students; it is swift and very handy. The problem with this iPad is that it uses the first-generation pencil created by Apple, so it is not a good option for artists, but it is cheap, so overall it’s not a bad option for Apple users.

2) IPad Mini

This is one of the most used iPads of 2019 because of its small size, since it is effortless to carry; also it has powerful specs. Although its design is almost the same as it was four years before, but this new version offers more space and a powerful battery. This iPad uses the old generation pencil, but it is affordable and one of the most used iPads so it must be good.

3) Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

This is the best android tablet of the year 2019. This device has two rear cameras and AMOLED display, so it is of great use. It also comes with an S Pen, so it’s easier to make a sketch, write notes and much more. The only problem with this tablet is that it does not offer headphone jack and it has only one UI, but if anyone wants the android tablet, this would be a great choice.

4) IPad Mini 4

This is another great invention of apple and offers much with its beautiful design and brilliant screen. It is a small device, so it is very convenient also its battery life is longer than the previous versions. The problem lies with its old chipset which is not updated and also there is no 3D touch as other updated device have, but it is inexpensive and, offers an excellent experience to apple lovers.

5) IPad Mini 4

The most updated tablet of the year 2019 is iPad mini 4. It provides many things; it has the most abundant storage with great speakers; moreover, its new pro-motion screen adds even more to its looks. It is a bit expensive, but it would be worthy to spend money on such a device. Although it does not offer an IOS as good as of laptops but it would work great for professionals.

If anyone wants to buy a tablet, these are the best options as, they are cheaper and offer a lot of services so, instead of purchasing a laptop, buy one of these tablets they will work even better.

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