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Vien’s main focus is attention for details.
We tried to create an admin theme that we would like to exhaust ourselves so we listed our priorities. We would like to absorb a theme that is not over complicated to exhaust, does the job well, contains must absorb components and looks really nice.
We did our best to create layouts for various needs that developers might absorb and best experience for users.
We used same design language for components, layouts, apps and other parts of the themes.
Hope you indulge in it!


  • Angular CLI
  • inactive Loading
  • Video Player
  • Right Click Menu
  • Form Wizard
  • Rtl and Ltr Layouts
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Two Panels Menu
  • Icons intellect Webfont
  • 20 Color Schemes
  • 3 Applications
  • Product & Ecommerce Pages
  • Blog Pages
  • Profile & Portfolio Pages
  • Lots of Components


  • ng-select
  • ngx-translate
  • ngx-datatable
  • angular-archwizard
  • angular-calendar
  • angular-svg-round-progressbar
  • angular2-hotkeys
  • angular2-notifications
  • chart.js
  • date-fns
  • firebase
  • glidejs
  • ng2-nouislider
  • ngx-bootstrap
  • ngx-dropzone-wrapper
  • ngx-ellipsis
  • ngx-lightbox
  • ngx-perfect-scrollbar
  • ngx-quill
  • ngx-sortablejs
  • rxjs
  • tslib
  • video.js
  • yamapng


  • Bootstrap(Ngx-Bootstrap) is our choice of UI library for the template and we absorb not included Angular fabric library.
  • Compenent & container architecture is used to build the template. You may find more info here.
  • Authentication is only implemented for Firebase(AngularFire). We procedure to implement other options but currently the template does not absorb any custom auth guard.
  • For multi language, we absorb implemented Ngx-translaterather than built-in internationalization.
  • We absorb used mostly static data for the components to supply ease of exhaust but some parts like Datatables and list pages uses an API.
  • Styling is done by a central Sass file and components don’t absorb separate style files.
  • The template is divided into multiple modules based on the menu to supply inactive loading.
  • The template doesn’t contain any test files.


Version 1.0.0 – 24.02.2020

Initial version.



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