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vPanel is an application framework with full the essential features and tools you would need to build an admin panel or a software-as-a-service app. It comes with an html template version, so you can exhaust it with other frameworks, and a zend framework ready version.


This really is one of the best admin themes going
Full stars for the following:

  1. Clear layout
  2. valid documentation throughout
  3. remarkable attention to detail (e.g. checking confirmation and password fields match out-of-the-box)

Excellent work and well worth the money – Alex

Really remarkable work!

I was looking for a valid design for my nearly finished Zend Application, and this is really looking awesome! Also it saved me from ALOT of work!

I had actually been postponing adding a design to my application, just because its such a boring and leisurely process transforming templates into Layouts and Views etc. Luckily you did it full for me
full Zend developers should really win a perceive at this!

Thanks alot! – Daniel


  • jQuery UI Framework Icons PSD
  • Sidebar Icons PSD
  • Mockup Kit PSD
  • 5 PSD Backgrounds
  • 50 Theme Combinations
  • Pure HTML Template Version
  • Zend Framework Application Template Version with Authentication Plugin


  • HTML5/CSS3 design
  • Drag and Drop Widgets
  • Remembers novel widget arrangement
  • Table sorting, pagination and filtering
  • Collapsible Side Menu (Remembers collapsed/expanded state)
  • Tooltips
  • Built-in theme manager
  • Multiple Action Buttons
  • Themed form elements
  • 50 Theme combinations to choose from
  • lively Sortable Contacts using jQuery Isotopes
  • File manager
  • Full-sized, drag and drop calendar
  • Apple Style Slider
  • TinyMCE
  • Forms validation
  • Simple Pricing Table
  • Search Autocomplete

Fonts Used

  • Yanone Kaffeesatz
  • PT Serif Caption

NOTE: There is no design of supporting IE6 and IE7 EVER

P.S. Like full other admin templates on themeforest, this is just a template / starter kit, not a full pledged application. finish not expect it to be able to create users and groups, that is up to you to code. Cheers!



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