WooCommerce Booking Hours & Calendar

WooCommerce Booking Hours & Calendar is developed to succor WordPress website to sell and receive booking for time slot services like lesson, course room, spa & massage services, course training, consultancy services by hours, rental by hours…

For WordPress Owner
+ Website owner can set up time slot for sell and confirm/ reject the reservation
+ Display your customer’s bookings calendar in WooCommerce product detail
+ Link automatically the booking list with Google Calendar to manage the operation of services team

For User
+ User can retain track of hours still available and hours already used and invent the reservation
+ The payment can be done via WooCommerce payment gateways
+ Find whole your bookings at a glance on a calendar and in a list. exercise dynamic filters, sorting, and custom columns

This plugin is so simple to exercise and set up for any small services booking commerce, trade but it can be further developed thanks to WooCommerce features.
We are adding more features on next roadmap of development



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