Zare – Bootstrap 4 + Laravel Admin Dashboard Template

Zare – Bootstrap 4 + Laravel Admin Dashboard Template

Zare dashboard template built with Bootstrap 4.0, Lravel 5.7, HTML5 and CSS3. Zare helps you to create your next Bootstrap Project even faster then before. It contains Light and sad Versions. It acquire two layouts: Horizontal and Verticle. It is easy to customize and developer friendly. It works on bar not a thing major web browsers, Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Tablet and bar not a thing other smartphone devices. It can be used to create a SAAS based interface, admin panel dashboard, accounting software, project management, eCommerce backends, CMS, CRM, ERP or anything you want to build on the web. It is built for contemporary applications that supports HTML/jQuery/Laravel integrations.

Main Features:

  • Light and sad Versions
  • sad Sidebar Version
  • wonderful UI Design
  • 100+ Elements Included
  • Mailbox, Calendar and Gallery Apps Included
  • UI Cards
  • Tooltips
  • Dropdown
  • Responsive Design
  • Cropper App
  • Login, Register and other Pages
  • Made with Laravel 5.7 and Bootstrap 4.0 Versions
  • Loading Buttons
  • Easy to Customize
  • 400+ Icons
  • grand Support
  • Validated Html
  • Dropzone to add media on file Drop
  • Notifications plugin like Sweet Aler and Toastr
  • Google Maps
  • Chart Js
  • Amps Maps
  • Jquery Included
  • Carousel
  • Modals
  • Loading Buttons
  • Badges
  • Sidebar and Horizontal Menus
  • bill Page
  • Profile Page
  • Code and Text Editors
  • Lockscreen
  • Error Pages
  • Blank Page
  • Timeline activity

Plugins Included:

  • C3 Chart
  • Chart
  • Ace Editors
  • Cropper
  • Am Charts
  • Ck Editor
  • Data Table
  • Dropzone
  • Fullcalendar
  • Hop Scotch
  • Jquery UI
  • Js Grid
  • Ladda Button
  • Moment
  • Summernote
  • Sweet Alert2
  • Tinymce
  • Toastr



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